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Ладушки - Интернет магазин развивающих игрушек и игр, доставка по Украине



Company: Nashata Radost Ltd.
Country: Bulgaria EU
City: Gabrovo, post code: 5300
Address: Luben Karavelov Str., 12
VAT number: BG 200779767 is registered in the BG
Registered Office: Luben Karavelov 12, 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria, EU
Warehouse is in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Tel. +359 988 812 324; +359 887 367 935; fax +359 66 802 111
Internet site:
Skype: mkoshkarov
Director Mikhail Koshkarov
Assistant Director Hristo Nenov

Directions of our business:
 distribution and wholesale trade
 importer
 exporter
 exclusive representative of brand UNIK-UM

The company Nashata Radost Ltd. offers wholesalers, retail stores, online stores, educational institutions and therapists following products:
 Skill-trainers for teaching children aged over 2½ years to write correctly without getting tired
 Skill-trainer for teaching children aged 2 to 7 to hold a spoon correctly
 Finger trainer that develop the imagination, thinking and figurative speech and teach to control hand movements for children aged 3 to 7
 Bracelets for wrist protection and comfortable use of computer mouse and keyboard for children aged over 6 and adults
 Skill-trainer for teaching children aged over 7 and adults to use chop-sticks

We are the exclusive distributor of the product designers and manufacturer:
 ST Karpychev V.I., trade mark UNIK-UM>
in the Europe, countries of North and South America, Middle East and Asia, Africa.

Our CE certificates can be viewed on

All rights are reserved and protected by international patents WIPO.
All products made in the Ukraine. The products are light and compact; they are quickly shipped to all countries from our warehouse in Bulgaria (Gabrovo) by postal and courier services.
The products’ packaging is made of translucent blister with a European hanger and inserted cardboard sheets displaying text in English, German, Spanish, Italian or Bulgarian (language to be chosen by the buyer).

We strive constantly to keep:
 low product prices
 flexible system of discounts
 individual approach to each customer
 instructional materials
 prompt delivery


Ukraine, Zaporozhye, +38 (0612) 62 38 87, +38 (050) 486 27 44, +38 (050) 454 39 41
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